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In-Glass & In-Screen Pet Doors
Looking for a custom pet door solution for your home? The most obvious location for your pet door is right in your entrance door. We work with top suppliers that make cat and dog doors for doors, screens, storm doors, sliding glass patio doors and even right through glass.
  • In-Glass Pet Doors

    In-Glass Pet Doors

    Through glass pet doors give you the clearest view of all. This uniquely designed dog door creates a clean look that compliments your sliding glass patio door. With custom frame color options, you're sure to get the look you love while your pet gets the freedom he deserves.

  • In-Screen Pet Doors

    In-Screen Pet Doors

    If you decide that your door is the best place for your dog door, but you have an outside screen door, you can get a screen dog door so your pet can come and go regardless of the weather. The screen pet door also gives Fido and Fluffy access when the weather is nice and you want to keep your door open to feel the fresh air. The screen dog door works great in a sliding screen door.

  • In-Door Pet Doors

    In-Door Pet Doors

    When you want your cat to use your entrance, the door cat door is your best choice. With 2 flaps to keep your inside air in and the outside air out, the cat door is the most energy efficient door pet door available. The brush weather-stripping, stainless steel strikes and 5 times stronger Alnico magnets give a great seal while allowing your pet access in and out of your home.

Featured Pet Door Brands

  • Security Boss -- Fort Collins
  • The Pet Door Guys -- Fort Collins
  • Hale Pet Door -- Fort Collins

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